Tam Tam Ramen

Enjoy a steaming hot bowl of ramen to fill you up after a long day. With a variety of soup bases and toppings to choose from, Tam Tam Ramen offers simple yet delicious dishes at affordable prices. Tam Tam Ramen is located at the entrance of MY ecolodge.


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Restaurants near us


Teuichi-Soba Ichimura

Located directly adjacent to MY ecolodge, Ichimura Soba serves traditional soba – hand ground daily – to give you a true taste of traditional Japanese cuisine. 



 A quaint restaurant and patisserie that delivers comforting Italian cuisine and bakes exquisite celebration cakes. Be sure to place cake orders at least a day in advance. L’ocanda is situated directly across the street from MY ecolodge.


Udon Gokoro

 Delicious and filling, Udon Gokoro serves delicious, freshly made udon and is conveniently located across the street from MY ecolodge.  Be aware that some of their dishes are served in limited quantities, so get there early!

Seven Star’s Cafe & Bar

 Stop by Seven Star’s Cafe & Bar for their signature Niseko burger or simply enjoy a relaxing time with some coffee as you enjoy the serene surroundings. Located across the street from MY ecolodge. 

Guzu Guzu

Guzu Guzu is an unsuspecting bakery that is well known for its uncommon and inconsistent schedule. Despite it being closed the majority of the time, you’re in for a treat when it is open as it serves freshly baked goods and desserts that’ll surely please your sweet-tooth. It is a short walk further down from Ichimura Soba.



70-15 Aza-Yamada,
Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun,
Hokkaido 0440081

   +81 (0)136 55 5556