To ensure you have a safe and pleasant stay with us, we have devised some simple house rules and we request that all guests who stay with us comply with these regulations. Please take a moment to read and understand these rules, signing of the registration card is automatic acceptance of these rules.



Security セキュリティ

All Guests must register at reception upon arrival.

Guests will be issued with a key card which will be used to access your room.

Front door access will require a key card after 22:00.

Lost key cards will incur a replacement charge, this amount to be paid for by the guest.

If you lock your key card inside your room, you can obtain a “one shot”card from the reception. This will open your room door once to retrieve your key card. The card should then be returned to the reception or you will be charged for a replacement key.

Guests are responsible for ensuring rooms are locked before heading out.

Safety deposit boxes are provided in twin/double rooms only. Guests are responsible for any valuable items stored in these safety deposit boxes.

Outside visitors are not permitted in the accommodation area unless with management’s consent.

Visitors only can stay in building 8:00- 21:00.

Damage to the property or its belongings caused by guests, is to be paid for by the offending guest. This payment is to cover the cost of the damage and any subsequent loss of income caused by the damage.











Noise Policy 騒音についての規則

Guests must abide by the “No Noise” policy especially in the accommodation and common areas between 22:00 to 07:00 am

No stereo or TV sets are allowed in the rooms. If you are required to use your laptop/notebook, kindly ensure that it is fitted with headphones if sound is required.



Fire Regulations 消防法規

Smoking is not permitted in the premises but only at the designated areas outside the building.

No fires can be lit in the building. Gas appliances and naked flames are prohibited in the building.

The use of electrical heating devices and cookers are not permitted in the rooms for fire safety reasons.

Oven toasters, Microwaves, Electric kettles are available in the pantry area

Fireworks are banned after 21:00 anywhere in Niseko resort area.

Other activities that may cause fire or hazardous to the public or property for your use. Please ensure that they are used responsibly and is prohibited.






Cleaning and Cleanliness Policy 清掃に関しての規約

We will provide 1 bath mat (for only twin/double rooms), 1 bath towel, 1 hand towel and 1 set of bed linen per person free of charge.

Replacement cost of lost or damaged items will be charged.

Towels and bed linen will be changed twice a week.

Food and Drinks are not permitted in the rooms. Please use the pantry instead and ensure that it is kept clean at all times.

Usage of Pantry is for in-house guests only.

Guests are required to keep their rooms and the equipment cleaned.

Please take off your shoes at the designated area and carry your shoes to available.

Additional fee will be charge for extra cleaning.

Pets are not allowed.

Do not bring items and articles that can cause inconvenience to other people staying at MY ecolodge.






Use of Common Bathrooms 共通バスルームについて

Separate male/female bathrooms are available in the lower ground floor for dormitory guests’ use.

Guests must be dress appropriately when going to the bathroom. Nudity is not allowed in the corridor and common area.



Green and Eco-Friendly Policy 緑とエコに関しての規約

Please switch off the light when you leave the room. Avoid taking long showers as per our Eco-friendly policy.

Please sort and empty your rubbish into the correct bins that are available, We ask that you comply with the rubbish sorting and collection regulations in the corridor.



Use of Laundry Room ランドリールームの使用について

Laundry room is to be used by guests staying at MY ecolodge only.

Kindly follow proper instructions when using the laundry machine.

Please ensure that laundry room is kept clean at all times.




Wireless connection is provided as an additional facility to guests, MY ecolodge does not take responsibility for any disadvantage due to poor internet connection.

In Japan penalties may apply for downloading/uploading illegal content.

Guests to provide own PC/Laptop in order to be connected to the internet.