Policy for protecting personal information

MY ECO LODGE SDN BHD (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) fully recognize the importance of the personal information of our guests and are committed to handling such information carefully. MY ECO LODGE will strive to promote the following efforts in order for us to provide better products and services and assume the responsibility to protect the personal information of our guests.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

MY ECO LODGE will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and any other related laws and regulations.

2. In-house system

With respect to the handling of personal information and the required system, MY ECO LODGE will develop in-house regulations and other rules necessary for each service, improve the organization by appointing responsible managers, and establish a system to protect personal information.

3. Collection of personal information

In the event MY-ECO LODGE collects any personal information from our guests, MY-ECO LODGE will clearly specify the purpose of use, obtain consent from guests, and then collect personal information to the extent necessary for accomplishing the purpose.

4. Use of personal information

When using any personal information of our guests, MY ECO LODGE will use such information only within the scope of the foregoing purpose of use and will not use it beyond the scope of the purpose of use.

5. Restriction of provision to any third party

MY ECO LODGE will not provide or disclose any personal information of our guests to any third party without the consent of the guests except as required by law.

6. Disclosure or correction of personal information

With regard to the personal information of any guest that MY ECO LODGE obtains, if such guest wishes to confirm or correct any personal information, MY ECO LODGE will promptly respond to the request to the extent reasonable and necessary. Furthermore, at the time of a request it is necessary to confirm the identity of the person. Amendments may also incur fees.

7. Ensuring of accuracy

MY ECO LODGE will take appropriate measures to ensure the accuracy of personal information of our guests and keep it up to date.

8. Safety management measures

MY ECO LODGE will strictly manage the personal information of our guests and implement any preventive and safety measure against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, or otherwise.

9. In-house training

MY ECO LODGE will provide adequate education and training to our employees with respect to the protection of personal information and keep every employee of MY ECO LODGE informed about the contents.

10. Supervising parties to whom personal information is entrusted

In using any personal information of our guests, MY ECO LODGE may entrust such personal information to any third party within the scope of reasonable use. MY ECO LODGE will obligate and supervise the parties to whom any personal information is entrusted to strictly manage such personal information.

11. Continuous review

MY ECO LODGE will strive to continuously review and improve the regulations for the handling of personal information and organizational structure to implement the regulations to ensure effective and proper operation in a sustained manner.

12. Regarding the use of Cookies

Regarding the company websites, for customers to read presentation services, & for the control & verification of data traffic, Cookies may be sent to user computers. These cookies will be stored in the computer hard disk or memory. Use of cookie information is limited to presentation to company marketing & similar services & does not infringe on customer privacy.

13. Regarding Matters Free of Responsibility

On the company websites there are links to outside/other company websites. The company is not responsible for personal information privacy or related matters of such websites.