Enjoy Ryogoku’s favourite, Japanese unique culinary “Chanko-nabe” (Sumo wrestler’s stew pot) comes with fresh sashimi and broiled seafood.



Family-run establishment with delicious French bistro style delicacies with an authentic Japanese twist. Well worth a visit if you are in Kutchan!



Dedication in every stick! Family-owned yakitori (charcoal-grilled chicken skewers) restaurant offering an authentic Japanese casual dining experience.


Family-owned dinning spot that serves excellent grilled meat. Perfect for a casual Japanese dining experience.



Ground Pub Niseko

Enjoy the mellow Jazz and cozy atmosphere while sipping on those single malts and seasonal fruit cocktails from the bar at reasonable prices.


Hana Robatayaki

Maintains the age-old tradition of cooking over a Robata where the freshest fish, meat and vegetables are slow-grilled to perfection over hot charcoal and served using a long wooden oar. Taste the freshness and experience the tradition


Kappo Sakanaza Hanadai

A Japanese restaurant swathed in delicate Jazz music with a relaxed atmosphere which serves fine sake and season’s best authentic Japanese dishes.




Small local restaurant/pub serving different types of food with variety of beers and spirits. Tasty fried pork cutlets and chicken and fresh sashimi. Great venue, nice atmosphere, soothing vibe.


Marukyu Shoten (Izakaya)

Marukyu-shoten features a friendly and inviting layout with tatami mat floor tables, counter seating and regular tables. Enjoy the delicious squid sashimi and salad varieties which all come in very generous serving sizes.


Ramen Nakama

A hidden gem ramen shop! A local favourite with a Michelin star. The place to enjoy the taste of genuine, traditional Japanese ramen.



Sake Bar Sasa

Sake Bar SaSa serves up the best variety of sake available in Niseko. A modern yet cozy specialist sake bar that is a growing favourite among locals and international visitors.


Sekka Lab

Spacious interiors decorated in a modern transitional style enhance the dining experience. Chef Komatsu and his team prepare and serve dishes that highlight the flavours and colours of the Niseko region.



70-15 Aza-Yamada,
Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun,
Hokkaido 0440081

   +81 (0)136 55 5556





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